Friday, March 25, 2005

Your Moment of Octopus Zen

Octopi have always fascinated me. Don't know why...they're kinda creepy. Anyway, there is an article about two species of octopus that have a very unique form of camouflage. In addition to being amazing, these videos are damn funny. Imagine being a fish and seeing one these things cruising the sea floor..."WTF was that?!?"

Thursday, March 24, 2005

An Interesting Night...

I had an eventful night last night, all of the events occurring AFTER I fell asleep. Here are those adventures...

My wife and I own a fat, furry cat named Miss Kitty Fantastico (Buffy fans will get it). We usually close the door to prevent her from sleeping on the bed because she tends to sleep on top of rather then next to us. She also radiates heat on an epic scale. Then there are the cat nightmares.

Last night, my wife and I were quite tired, so we got into bed without shutting the door. This was, of course, an open invitation to the cat to join us. She promptly took up residence by our feet. At about 12:30 AM, she awoke, meowing loudly. I'm a light sleeper so I sat upright and noticed her looking around confused. Like I said - cat nightmares. As I lay back down, quite annoyed, she slinked up the bed between us and stuck her face into mine, seeking solace. Mean, mean man that I am, I shoved her away. Giving up on me, she began crawling ON TOP OF my wife's head. At this point, my wife awoke with a muffled "whositwhatsit?"

For those who love animals, skip this next part. Angered by the attempted smothering of my wife, I picked up and hurled the cat several feet across the room and off the bed. This was no mean feat considering she weighs 15 pounds. I then flew out of bed and chased my thoroughly confused cat out of the room and shut the door. Like I said - mean, mean man.

Interruption over, I fell back asleep...until 2:30 AM that is. It was then that I awoke to the scene of my wife, apparently sleepwalking, crawling off the end of the bed by my feet and tumbling to the floor. Like a seasoned physical comedian adept at pratfalls, she sprang to her feet and, giggling, declared "I'm OK, I'm OK!" as if the stunt I had just witnessed was entirely intentional. Terrified, I asked her what she was doing and if she was really OK. Her response was to simply return to bed, lie down next to me and fall fast asleep.

Needless to say, I did not fall asleep right away, the adrenaline keeping me awake for some time. When asked about the incident this morning, my wife had no recollection of the incident, save for a sore back. That was my night. How was yours?

Monday, March 21, 2005

I TOLD You it's an Awesome TV Show!

Sadly, the ratings are what matter in TV and VERONICA MARS is on the verge of being axed. However, it is the clear and decisive winner of E! Television's annual "SOS: Save One Show Campaign." This bodes well for a show whose fate is decided this May. In the meantime, follow my orders (see sidebar) and WATCH THIS SHOW! Get the ratings up for crying out loud and enjoy one of the best hours on TV.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Want 750 Free Songs?

South by Southwest (SXSW) concert promoters have a wicked deal going right now - SXSW4Pod - SXSW On Your iPod. Head over to their site and you can download a 2.6 GB bittorrent containing over 750 high-quality mp3 files, showcasing the talent at the 2005 SXSW festival. You can also download the schedule to put on your iPod. The coolest thing? As you browse the schedule on your iPod, you can instantly link to a song by the artist you are reading about. Genius!

Download link for the bittorrent (took me overnight to get the whole thing)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Battlestar Galactica Podcast

OK. So the SciFi Channel original series Battlestar Galactica is on my top 5 list of must-see shows on television right now (cue mocking laughter). Laugh if you will, but the show is an excellent mix of character development, special effects (not too much) and fun dialogue.

Anyway, to add to the nerdy-coolness factor of the show, SciFi has made available a podcast of episode audio commentaries by executive producer Ronald D. Moore. Sync up your podcast application (I like iPodder) and a full-length MP3 file will download to your player each week. There are even beeps in the commentary for commercials. How cool is that? (no need to answer/mock me). Now go! Watch this show! 10PM Fridays, SciFi Channel. I command you!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Crank faster fool! I need to DANCE!

When the apocalypse hits, at least he'll have his tunes. Phillip Torrone has created this ingenious hand-cranked iPod Shuffle recharger. It is cool in so many ways.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Spider-Man's Greatest Bible Stories!

This might just be the funniest thing I've seen in several months. God bless Spider-Man!