Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Are You Geek Enough...

...for the 100% blank Das Keyboard? My friend and co-worker Scott thinks he is. "Anything that will make it more difficult for someone else to use MY machine."

PS3 Has Landed. You Will Obey.

Cue: Triumphant horn music, beams of sunlight from above, angels singing Hallelujah! Sony introduced the forthcoming PS3 at the E3 Expo a couple of days ago. The official release date is Spring 2006 and I can hardly wait. I'm a little so-so about the external design, but the computing power of this monster will put ALL other game consoles to shame (including Xbox 360...Sorry Xbox fans, but you know in your hearts that it is true).

My personal favorite over-the-top feature of the PS3 is the dual-HD outputs. "Since the console has two HD outputs, it is can be hooked up to two side-by-side HDTVs to projecting video in a 32:9 extra-widescreen format (think Cinemascope in your living room)." This can only be feasible for sports superstars who can afford such things, and who will undoubtedly have this setup in the back of their Hummer or Escalade.

Anyway, an excellent rundown of the PS3 specs can be found online HERE and more pictures of the console HERE. You may also view the entire two-hour Sony press conference (link to the spec page above and find the "stream for free" thumbnail for the conference in the text). And yes, I did watch the whole thing. Conclusion? I'll take two please.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Remember when you first played Tetris? Admit it, you were addicted, just like the rest of the world. Well now you can play real-life Tetris and get organized at the same time! Brave Space Design has created a line of Tetris shelving. Each piece is sold separately, or in sets of five and ten "blocks." Granted, the shelves cost a fortune (an average of $700 each), but wow! Perhaps the crafty woodworkers out there can "borrow" the design and make their own Tetris shelves.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Air Guitar Competition for World Domination

This may be the coolest competition ever: The 1st Annual Kinski / Sub Pop Air Guitar Competition for World Domination. But act fast! The competition is in Seattle at The Sunset Tavern on May 21st at 3:00p.m.

I'm more of an air keyboardist. Give me Van Halen's "Jump" any day of the week. However, if someone were to pop in Heart's DREAMBOAT ANNIE, I would jam along on air guitar. Oh yes. Jam.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Latest Lego Set? Star Wars Nerds!

Everyone knows about the Star Wars Nerds that line up for the latest movie months in advance for no apparent reason. Hell, I was actually a quasi-nerd back in 1999 when Episode 1 came out. I waited from 5:30 AM until 5:30 PM to get tickets at the Cinerama in Seattle. Trust me, some of these people are clinically insane. I will never forget the 300 pound nerd dressed (poorly I might add) as Darth Maul having a lightsaber fight in the parking lot...with NO ONE! Well now, Legoland has immortilized the nerds that are currently in line for Episode 3. Here is an album of the display.

And for the three people that have not seen the hilarious video of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ruthlessly taunting the nerds of 2002 in line, here you go!