Friday, August 31, 2007

Google's Gmail Watch?

No, not really. But I noticed something funny about my newish watch the other day. Take a look at the winding knob:

Look closer:

That "M" on the side sure looks a lot like the Gmail "M". In reality, the watch is a Michael Kors design (yes, the designer that used to be a judge on Project Runway) as and is really quite cool (if I don't say so myself):

Not only is the watch a classic, clean and timeless design, it also wont break the bank. It's a true chronograph with the sweep second hand (seen above in the 12 o'clock position) acting as the stopwatch second hand while the top and middle dials register minutes and hours respectively. The bottom dial is the second hand for the watch, which has taken some getting used to.

All in all, it is a fantastic addition to any man's watch collection, especially those who do not have two grand to spend on a Tag Heuer but want a watch that looks the part. I have actually gotten more compliments on this watch than any other in my (sadly small) collection.

Friday, August 10, 2007

How NOT to spend $60,000

I can think of many things that I'd like to spend $60,000 on. A bed is not one of those things. Apparently, Swedish bed maker Hästens makes the "best" beds on the planet. According to Seattle P-I reporter Meghan Peters, the secret is horsehair:

Unlike most beds, often constructed with manmade materials such as latex, Hastens describes its beds as completely organic. The cotton, flax and wool breathe, and horsehair wicks away moisture.
Maybe I'll just start sleeping in barns. All-organic after all!