Friday, October 19, 2007

What DIDN'T the Flintstones have?

I was over at my mom's house last night and came across some of my old kid's books she's been holding onto. Amongst the piles of books was this little gem, published in 1974! I wish I could scan in the whole thing, but I don't think Hanna and Barbera would consider it fair use. Suffice it to say the story within is...unique:

Wilma's uncle Lulu and Betty's aunt Charlie come to town to visit at the same time. Wilma and Betty decide to try and get the two together as they are both single. Upon their arrival however, the pair immediately set to their nagging, complaining and awful ways and are completely disinterested in one another. To get them out of their houses, Fred and Barney start to scheming. To convince Lulu and Charlie that they are, in fact, perfect for one another, Fred concocts a plan to use the "municipal computer" (a room-sized behemoth of course) to prove it once and for all. And that's where things get crazy!

I have no idea if this book still exists anywhere, but trust me, it's worth tracking down at the library or on eBay. It is truly hilarious and bizarre.


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