Saturday, September 15, 2007

Colin McRae : 1968-2007

It is a sad day for world rally fans. Colin McRae, one of my all-time favorite rally drivers and the reason I got interested in WRC in the late 90s, apparently died in a helicopter accident earlier today.

BBC News
The Guardian
The Telegraph

I will always remember the amazing combo of McRae/Grist and their thrilling knife's edge race wins or spectacular crashes. It was often maddening being a fan of the duo because you never knew if they were going to finish the rally. One of my favorite memories came a few years after McRae retired, at the X Games of all places. Moments from certain victory in the inaugural rally racing event, McRae rolled the car once, then without hesitating, continued on to the finish (sans front fascia) and came in second place by only 1/2 a second.

Consummate professional. Fun to watch, always. He will be missed.


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